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According to industry estimates, there will be a need of nearly 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 professionals by the year 2002 and a large percentage of these will be required for jobs across the world, particularly the US. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 18,000 software professionals leave India just for the US each year. You can to be one of them provided you acquire the right skills at the right time.

As a pioneer training organization already offering advanced training and skills enhancement programmes to the fraternity of software professionals, both from the IT industry and the user community, Microtech is ideally positioned to impart these skills to you through specially designed courses that will enable you to launch yourself on a software development career. When we train and hone your skills, rest assured you will graduate a complete professional - one who meets the most demanding standards of the industry.


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Certificate Course in Computer Application
Certificate in Application Development
Diploma in Computer Application
Diploma in Application Development
Diploma in Web Design
Diploma in Application Development and Web Design
Diploma in Application Development and Software Technology
Advance Diploma in Application Development and Software Technology

Specialized Courses

Internet Technology
Windows - 98
MS-Office - 2000
MS-Access - 2000
MS-Outlook Express - 2000
Essentials of Networking
Windows - NT
FrontPage - 2000
Computer Graphics
Visual FoxPro - 6.0
Visual Basic - 6.0
Visual C++ - 6.0
Visual Interdev - 6.0
Oracle 8 with Developer/2000
CGI & Perl
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Fireworks
Power Builder
Adobe PageMaker - 6.5
Adobe PhotoDeluxe - 2.0



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